Shenasi Carpet will wash and clean rugs and make them look like new

Since 1979 Shenasi Carpet Limited has been serving greater Vancouver. Mr. Hossein Shenasi with his background in carpet business in Iran and Canada is the owner and operator of Shenasi Carpet Limited and its wholly owned subsidiary of P. C. C. Carpet Services Ltd have been providing services in sales, cleaning, repair, and restoration of handmade Persian and Oriental carpets.

Do stains such as dog urine, coffee, vine, wax, and tea come out after cleaning?

Most stains will come out during cleaning process however some stains may require extra work.

Do stain removal products work on hand knotted carpets?

Most stain removal products are designed for synthetic wall to wall carpets which are not suitable for wool and silk pile hand knotted area carpets. The reason is that there are diffrent kinds of dyes and wool that are used in weaving the carpets each are has its own unique maerial

Rug Dasting Machine

Carpet beater is a powerful portable machine designed to deliver 40,000+ penetrating harmonic vibrations/ min deep into the back of rug. It shakes loose any dry, heavy, damaging soil & sediments trapped both in the foundation and in between the rug fibers themselves.

Is a water damaged carpet with colour bleeding repairable?

Yes, colour runs removal can be done by using special chemicals after cleaning.

How often should an area carpet be cleaned?

Depending on how much traffic you get, we recommend your carpet cleaned professionally at least every three years.

What do I do when my carpet is stained?

If you get a stain the sooner the carpet is cleaned the better is our chance of getting the stains out. Meanwhile it is better to damp out the effected area with a paper towel or white colour cotton towel. Raise the effected area by object for ventilation so it does not stay wet.

Can you repair moth damaged wool carpets?

Yes, the damaged areas can be repaired by adding new wool to the effected area.

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