Carpet Repair Service In Vancouver BC

Years of experience in the repair of Persian and oriental carpets have given our experts great confidence in delivering quality workmanship in fringing, binding, stitching, weaving, and restoration of any damaged area of hand knotted area carpets. We specialize in carpet repair, so if you’re looking for carpet repair services in Vancouver, BC, contact us now!


Rug Repair Service In Vancouver BC

Repairing and restoring rugs is an art that requires considerable skills and experience to perform the job well. At Shenasi Carpet, we employ the finest methods and equipment to deliver outstanding Rug Repair services in the best possible way.

Oriental rugs are delicate and exquisite works of art that require careful handling. Their aesthetic appeal is hard to put into words, and that is why they are considered invaluable by their owners. We make sure to use the best quality materials while repairing your rugs and carpets to maintain their quality and value. The length and cost of the restoration service can vary depending on the condition and size of the rug. Minor repair works can take time ranging from a few days to some weeks.

We understand the value and importance of oriental rugs, and thus we strive to put in our best efforts to retain their condition to the best possible extent. Using our skills and finest carpet repair and restoration methods, which are handed down from one generation of craftsmen to another, we can lend a new life to your valuable asset.

Carpet Repairing

At Shenasi Carpet, our highly qualified technicians are prepared to take on any kind of carpet repair job in Vancouver. Whether it's a small cigarette burn or a complete re-stretching of an entire house, we offer superior workmanship that can help add many years of life to your carpets. Don't give up hope if your carpets have, burns, tears, or even wrinkles. With our specialized equipment and expertise, we have the tools and experience to solve any carpet issues you may have.

Don't let your old carpet ruin the aesthetics of your home or office; instead, get it fixed by our team of experts. Visit us at our store or contact us today to learn more about our services and how they can add years of new life to your existing carpets!


Repairing Carpet Company In Vancouver BC

Are your carpets looking a little worse for wear? Maybe they've become worn in some areas or have needed repairs such as burns, tears, or wrinkles. Look no further than Shenasi Carpet, the expert technicians who can mend the Persian and oriental carpets in your home and office. Whether it's a residential or commercial space, our highly trained specialists will ensure your carpets are repaired quickly and efficiently. Don't waste money on buying a new carpet - with our low-cost, cost-effective repairs, you may be surprised at just how many years of life you can add to your old carpet! We’re dedicated to providing unbeatable service when it comes to our products, so you know you're receiving superb quality for any carpet repairs that need to be carried out.


How Do We Fix A Damaged Carpet?

When it comes to carpets for patches and repairs, many customers prefer to buy from a local carpet shop or company. Vancouver is home to many stores carrying quality carpets and other flooring materials at great prices. Once the new piece of carpet has been bought for the patch, the affected area can be used as a template. Make sure to mark out the new shape and cut it out accordingly, apply double-sided carpet tape before carefully placing it into the hole. Finally, use a roller or dry cloth in the same direction to blend the patch with the existing carpet surface.

It's always a good idea to call a professional carpeting technician to repair large patches of damaged or worn-out carpeting. Certified technicians can ensure that the new and old carpet is smoothly blended, which is especially important if the area needing repair is located in a prominent spot such as the middle of a living room or home office. If you are searching for an easy way to replace your damaged carpet, visit our Vancouver-based store or take advantage of our online sale. Our experienced team in the carpet shop will help you find the perfect fit for your space. At our carpet company, we make it easy to buy and install new carpets, so customize your space with one of our top-quality options today!


Can We Fix Just A Patch Of Carpet?

If you have patches of worn or stained carpet in Vancouver, you don't necessarily have to buy a new carpet or call in a carpet technician. You can easily repair the damaged area with donor carpeting. 

Finding the right carpet to fit your needs and budget can be a difficult task. However, when small repairs are needed, like fixing minor holes in the existing carpet, a patch can be used to restore the flooring. At our store in Vancouver and other carpet shops, we suggest using the affected area as a template for the patch. Mark out the new shape, buy your patch from our store or online sale, then cut it out and apply double-sided carpet tape to the underside. Once placed into the hole, blending into the existing carpet is easy; simply gently rub the entire surface in one direction using a roller or dry cloth. If questions arise about our patch resources or how to properly utilize a patch for your needs, do not hesitate to reach out for help so that your floors look as good as new!

Expert Repairs & Restorations In North Vancouver

We all want our carpets to last forever, but mistakes happen. When that happens, you
can call on our skilled technicians to restore your carpets to look like new again. With
meticulous attention to detail and meticulous care, you can be sure that our team of
experts will repair your carpets and restore your confidence to greet your loved ones
again. Shenasi Carpet serves the North Vancouver area. Call us today to get a quote or schedule online now.

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