Years of experience in repair of Persian and oriental carpets have given our experts great confidence in delivering quality workmanship in fringing, binding, stitching, weaving, and restoration of any damaged area of hand knotted area carpets.

Repairing and restoring rugs is an art which requires considerable skills and experience to perform the job well. At Shenasi Carpet, we employ the finest methods and equipment to deliver outstanding Rug repair services in the best possible way. 

Oriental rugs are delicate and exquisite works of art, which require careful handling. Their aesthetic appeal is hard to put in words and that is why they are considered invaluable by their owners. We make sure to use best quality materials while repairing your rugs and carpets to maintain their quality and value. The legth and cost of the restoration service can vary depending upon the condition and size of the rug. While minor repair works can take time ranging from a few days to some weeks.

We understand the value and importance related to oriental rugs and thus we strive to put in our best efforts to retain their condition to the best possible extent. Using our skills and finest carpet repair and restoration methods, which are handed down from one generation of craftsmen to another, we can lend a new life to your valuable asset.

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