• DUO-LOCK features a needle-punched fabric with textured waffle-backing for improved gripping power on hard surface floors and carpets.
  • DUO-LOCK provides the ultimate in cushioning and insulation for fine rugs.
  • DUO-LOCK is designed for use under rugs of any kind and helps prevent premature wear.
  • DUO-LOCK is guaranteed to maintain irs “non-slip” properties for 10 years with proper maintenance.

Shenasi Carpet’s Duo-Lock: Superior Rug Protection in North Vancouver

Duo-Lock underlay by Shenasi Carpet provides exceptional grip and long-lasting protection for your rugs in Vancouver and North Vancouver. This innovative product prevents slipping on any surface and promotes rug longevity with luxurious cushioning. Schedule a consultation with Shenasi Carpet to discuss Duo-Lock for your rugs.

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