Floor coverings like carpets are, no doubt, an essential component of your home and office aesthetics. It’s, therefore, no surprise to see most people debating about the type of floor covering and the compatibility to their upholstery and overall interior decor. We use different criteria from color to texture to even durability when making our choice.

Sadly, it’s not all about aesthetics. It will be surprising for most people to know that considering the health benefits is also an important criterion when choosing. Carpets, for instance, come with a plethora of health benefits that might even supersede their aesthetic value. Are you eager to discover these amazing benefits? Well, Shenasi carpets have you covered with our extensive list of the health benefits of carpets.

Reduces The Rate Of Respiratory And Allergic Reactions 

First, let’s do away with the misconception that carpets aggravate health problems such as asthma and allergic reactions from dust particles, pollen, and pet danders. Contrary to popular belief, carpets are beneficial for those with respiratory problems. It’s considered a better alternative to hardwood coverings since the threads of the carpet help to trap these particles. 

They Are A Better Heat Insulator

Let’s face it: carpets boost the efficiency of your heating systems. In simple terms, it makes your home or office spaces warm and inviting in cold weather. No doubt, this reduces the incidence of health complications like colds and pneumonia.

Reduces Exposure To Toxic Chemicals And Carcinogens

Here’s another health benefit you might find interesting: Carpets, according to the Capital Institute of Australia, emit extremely low concentrations of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). In this research, they explained how a huge percentage of the volatile chemicals and solvents are removed from carpets during the finishing oven stage. When compared to other floor covering materials, carpets have emitted extremely low VOCs. What’s more? Carpets effectively remove toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde from the atmosphere. This ability, no doubt, boosts your health by improving air quality.

Carpets Are Perfect For Reducing Psychological Stress

The relief you feel as your feet sink into your plush carpet. No doubt, this relaxing feeling eases away the rigors of your daily activities. To help gauge the veracity of this effect, a recent study asked 42 people to walk on a carpet-covered flooring and a wooden floor for 10 minutes each; the former was more effective than the latter in reducing stress. It’s no surprise that carpets are majorly the preferred floor covering for most counseling rooms.

Let’s Not Forget That It Also Reduces Noise Pollution

Prolonged noise pollution can lead to migraines and more health complications. Using a carpet, therefore, goes a long way in reducing the noise levels of your living spaces. Unlike hardwood coverings, carpets have a rough surface area that helps to absorb the sound effects of your home or office settings. Hence, it is also a perfect floor covering for cinemas and theaters.

Wrapping Up

Undoubtedly, carpets are a great resource for ensuring indoor wellness! For top-notch carpeting solutions for a sustainable indoor environment, Shenasi carpets are your best choice.